Grow your business with SEO Services Singapore

Grow your business with SEO Services Singapore
If you are someone who is a webmaster, you will definitely know Search Engine Optimization.

This is something that will help you to grow your business but also at the same time you will need it to grow your business much more with other methods.

SEO is one of the top most popular skill sets to learn.

Learn SEO Singapore is one of the top things to do because you will be able to grow the leads that come to your website in the long term and drive many people to explore your website.

Website that have good on site seo done by a SEO Professional will be able to deliver the high quality work deserves of SEO Agency Singapore.

SEO Companies that work closely with you can work on the content and also the design of the website and also the site architecture that will be able to improve the ranking of the website.

There are many things about SEO that you can learn and a SEO Coach is one of the top persons that can do that for you.

Growing your business through the use of good SEO Services Singapore is one of the bset thing that you can do when you want to make sure you get a lot of leads and business.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the cheapest and also the most effective way to grow and bring in business.

We recommend it that you run a SEO Campaign with an experience SEO expert or SEO Guru that you can trust.

When there are so many digital marketing methods out there, you will want to show the one that will help you to grow the best.

The other methods may be faster to react but you may not be able to brand yourself that much with other methods such as Facebook and also SEM which is also used by people who use Google.

Pharmacy Services for Preventive Healthcare in Tobelo City

In Tobelo City, the role of pharmacies in promoting preventive healthcare is increasingly recognized as vital. These establishments not only dispense medications but also serve as crucial points of contact for health education and early intervention. With a population that values accessible healthcare, pharmacies in Tobelo City have evolved to offer a wide range of services aimed at preventing illnesses before they occur.


One of the primary services provided by pafikotatobelo is health screenings. These screenings are designed to detect early signs of various health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and cholesterol imbalances. By conducting regular screenings, pharmacists can identify at-risk individuals and recommend appropriate lifestyle changes or refer them to healthcare providers for further evaluation.


Moreover, pharmacies play a pivotal role in vaccination campaigns. They administer vaccines against diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, and hepatitis, contributing significantly to the city’s public health efforts. Vaccination services are not only convenient but also ensure that a larger segment of the population receives crucial immunizations, thereby reducing the overall burden of preventable diseases.


In addition to screenings and vaccinations, pharmacies in Tobelo City provide personalized health counseling. Pharmacists are well-trained to offer advice on various health topics, including smoking cessation, weight management, and medication adherence. This counseling is instrumental in empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health and adopt healthier lifestyles.


Furthermore, pharmacies serve as hubs for health promotion initiatives. They often collaborate with local healthcare providers and community organizations to conduct health awareness campaigns and workshops. These initiatives aim to educate residents about disease prevention, proper medication use, and the importance of regular health check-ups.


Technology also plays a crucial role in enhancing pharmacy services in Tobelo City. Many pharmacies have adopted electronic health records and telemedicine capabilities, allowing pharmacists to communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals and provide seamless care to patients. These advancements improve coordination of care and ensure that individuals receive comprehensive healthcare services.


Lastly, pharmacies in Tobelo City prioritize medication management services. Pharmacists review patients’ medication regimens, identify potential drug interactions or adverse effects, and offer recommendations to optimize treatment outcomes. This proactive approach helps prevent medication-related problems and enhances patient safety.


In conclusion, pafikotatobelo have transformed into integral components of the healthcare system, focusing not only on treating diseases but also on preventing them. Through a combination of health screenings, vaccinations, personalized counseling, and community outreach, pharmacies contribute significantly to promoting a healthier population. By continuing to innovate and collaborate with other healthcare providers, pharmacies in Tobelo City uphold their commitment to preventive healthcare and ensure that residents have access to essential services that support their well-being.

Exploring Pluto TV in the UK: A Revolution in Free Streaming

Pluto TV in the UK: Redefining Streaming with Free Access
The landscape of streaming services has witnessed a revolutionary transformation, and at the forefront of this movement is Pluto TV. Known for its unique approach to streaming, Pluto TV offers a diverse range of content for free. For audiences in the UK, the prospect of accessing quality programming without a subscription fee has garnered significant attention. This article delves into the intricacies of experiencing Pluto TV in the UK, unraveling the platform’s offerings, user experience, and the impact it has on the evolving world of streaming.

Unveiling Pluto TV
The Essence of Pluto TV
Free Streaming Redefined
Pluto TV distinguishes itself by offering an extensive array of channels and on-demand content without requiring a subscription. The essence of Pluto TV lies in its commitment to democratizing access to entertainment, making quality programming available to everyone.

Channelized Streaming Experience
Mimicking Traditional TV
What sets Pluto TV apart is its channelized approach to streaming. Mimicking the traditional TV experience, Pluto TV organizes content into channels, allowing viewers to flip through a curated selection of shows, movies, news, and more.

Pluto TV’s Presence in the UK
Bridging Continents Digitally
Global Access to Free Content
Pluto TV’s digital nature allows it to transcend geographical constraints, providing global access to its free content library. For viewers Pluto Tv in UK, this means an opportunity to explore a diverse range of channels and content categories without the need for a subscription.

Navigating Regional Considerations
Licensing and Content Availability
The availability of Pluto TV channels in the UK is influenced by licensing agreements and regional considerations. As the platform navigates these complexities, UK audiences can enjoy a curated selection of free content that aligns with their preferences.

Pluto TV Channel Landscape
A Channel for Every Taste
Diverse Content Categories
Pluto TV’s channel landscape is a testament to its commitment to diversity. With channels spanning genres like news, sports, movies, lifestyle, and more, Pluto TV ensures there’s a channel for every taste and interest.

Pluto TV Originals
Exclusive Content Offerings
Pluto TV has ventured into original content with Pluto TV Originals. While still in its early stages, this move adds an exclusive touch to the platform, providing viewers with unique shows and series that can only be found on Pluto TV.

Viewer Experience
Navigating Pluto TV in the UK
User-Friendly Interface
Pluto TV ensures a user-friendly interface for UK viewers, simplifying navigation through its channelized structure. The platform’s layout mirrors traditional TV guides, making it intuitive for users to discover new channels and explore different content categories.

Accessibility Across Devices
Free Streaming Anytime, Anywhere
Recognizing the diverse ways in which audiences consume content, Pluto TV ensures accessibility across various devices. Whether on a smart TV, mobile device, or tablet, viewers in the UK can enjoy free streaming on Pluto TV at their convenience.

No Subscription, Just Content
Breaking the Subscription Barrier
One of Pluto TV’s defining features is its commitment to offering content without a subscription. UK audiences can enjoy a vast library of channels and on-demand content without the financial commitment typically associated with streaming services.

Challenges and Opportunities
Monetizing Free Streaming
Ad-Supported Model
Pluto TV relies on an ad-supported model to monetize its free streaming service. While this allows for free access, the challenge lies in balancing the ad experience to ensure it doesn’t detract from the viewer’s enjoyment.

Exploring Partnerships
Collaborations for Exclusive Channels
To enhance its free content offering, Pluto TV has the opportunity to explore partnerships and collaborations. By securing exclusive channels and content, Pluto TV can attract more viewers and establish itself as a go-to platform for free streaming.

Future Prospects
The Future of Free Streaming
Expanding Content Library
As Pluto TV continues to evolve, the platform has the potential to expand its content library further. This could include more original programming, exclusive partnerships, and a broader range of channels to cater to an increasingly diverse audience.

Global Dominance in Free Streaming
A Pioneer in Free Access
With its innovative approach to free streaming, Pluto TV has the potential to become a global pioneer in the space. As more viewers seek alternatives to traditional subscription models, Pluto TV’s free-access ethos positions it as a frontrunner in the future of streaming.

Pluto TV in the UK: A Free Streaming Revolution
In conclusion, Pluto TV in the UK emerges as a catalyst for a free streaming revolution, challenging the norms of subscription-based models. The platform’s commitment to providing diverse, ad-supported content without a subscription fee sets it apart in the competitive streaming landscape. As technology continues to shape the media industry, Pluto TV’s potential to contribute to a more accessible and inclusive streaming space is significant. The journey of UK audiences into the world of Pluto TV promises a future filled with free and diverse streaming options, redefining the way viewers engage with digital entertainment.

Amplify your personality by Learning the most unique negotiation tricks

Since the dawn of humanity, if there is one tactic which has topped all the other tactics in a human, it is the method of negotiating. Negotiation is the very basic quality found in almost all the people on earth. When you are using bargaining tricks, you are negotiating. When a kid is asking for a cookie from his mom in exchange of doing his homework, he is basically negotiating. Hence, it is one of those things which we most often ignore, but it becomes a very crucial method to develop when you are out in the corporate world.

In a corporate world, the method of negotiating is one of the essential qualities which one should possess if the person is looking out to make a successful career as a business person. Learning negotiation tricks can take you a long way and help you to establish yourself as the business person with the unique approach of closing the important deals. Having knowledge of some smart as well as dirty negotiation tricks goes a long way. Learning the tricks to negotiate, brings out your whole new personality in front of your colleagues and establishes you as the deal closer person.

Being a good negotiator undeniably gives you an edge over various other people in your field as being a good negotiator naturally reflects the winning aggressive winning attitude by playing the mind game. Learning the tricks brings out the positive, non-compromising attitude in which you don not settle for less, but always try to achieve more profit out of the deal.

There are a few excellent institutes out there which can teach you the most effective negotiation techniques through which you can easily improve your skills and get several steps ahead in the game of business. Such institutes can teach you the most unique tricks which can improve your negotiation skills as well as enhance your overall attitude and personality. They can teach you that how through your negotiation skills you can tackle even the most complicated deal in your favor. You can easily search online for such institutes.

Why the advance sale for the Madden NFL 24’s German game

Not only did the game on Mut 24 Coins the city’s Allianz Arena sell out within minutes, but the league could have had the capacity to fill bigger number of seating than 75.024 that were available — much more.According according to Alexander Steinforth, head of Madden NFL 24 Germany, three million requests were processed. This is 40 arenas at Allianz Stadium worth of fans.

“We could have anticipated the event a little earlier due to the approximately 600.000 people who registered for the presale during the last few several weeks” Steinforth told German news site Ran. “At the peak, there were about 800.000 people waiting in the queue virtual at the same time.”Ticketmaster told us afterwards that they could have sold more than the three-million mark. This amount of demand- whether for sporting events or concerts — is normally only witnessed at the Super Bowl. This is why the advance sale for the Madden NFL 24’s German game has once again outdone all expectations.”

Steinforth said that the game could end up being the largest in terms of tickets that Germany has witnessed in the past few decades.Of obviously, the excitement brought about some pretty lengthy waiting times for fans, who started to share their respective spots in the waiting list on social media following the sale started earlier in the week. One of the posts specifically seems to support Steinforth’s claims that literally hundreds of thousands were looking forward to the event.

“Unfortunately we were unable to change the length of the, virtual queues. That’s more a sign of how much people were looking for it,” Steinforth said about the largely unfulfilled requests.While a vast majority of fans will not be attending the Buccaneers-Seahawks game, they’ll be given more opportunities in the upcoming years. The league plans to hold a second normal season match in Frankfurt in 2023. It also will plan to make international competitions in Germany to be a regular event.

The likelihood that these games will garner the same hype remains to be determined. For now, however it seems that Madden NFL 24 can be pleased with Mut Coins Madden 24 the first acceptance it’s receivedwhich is something that can’t be said about the roughly 2.925.000 fans who were unable to buy tickets.

The Ultimate Party: DJ Dino at Bartega, Canterbury

Get ready for an electrifying night at Bartega, Canterbury, as the renowned DJ Dino takes center stage on Saturday, December 23rd, at 8 PM. Known for his unparalleled expertise in curating seamless and energetic atmospheres, DJ Dino promises an unforgettable musical journey that transcends generations.

With years of experience under his belt, DJ Dino has mastered the art of blending classics from the 1960s to the hottest hits of today. His diverse music library ensures that every beat resonates with the crowd, creating an ambiance that’s both nostalgic and contemporary.

The fusion of DJ Dino’s extensive music knowledge and his innate ability to gauge the audience’s vibe guarantees an evening filled with non-stop entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of timeless tunes or the latest tracks, DJ Dino has the perfect mix to keep the excitement soaring throughout the night.

Mark your calendars and join us at Bartega, Canterbury, for an event that promises nothing short of musical brilliance. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this sensational experience as DJ Dino unleashes a whirlwind of melodies, setting the perfect mood for an extraordinary evening.

Stay tuned for more updates and secure your spot for a night of musical euphoria with DJ Dino!

About us:

Canterbury League Club, situated in Belmore NSW, is one of Sydney’s leading hospitality destinations with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, three large function spaces, lounges and a 24-hour health club.

As part of the Canterbury group, Canterbury also operates two clubs nearby – The Lakemba Club and Moxon Sports Club. Our on-site gym, C-Life Health Club, is a fitness leader within our community and offers a wide range of group classes, cardio, and weight equipment.

Our Clubs currently employ over 400 employees who work together in different departments including Food & Beverage, Gaming, Functions, Security, IT, Reception, Maintenance, Marketing, Finance, C-Life, and Human Resources. Our shared goal – creating memorable experiences for our Members and visitors, but also importantly, being a great place to work!

Canterbury continually strives to be an employer of choice, creating a positive, diverse and friendly working environment for all staff. Why not consider a career in hospitality and see where that takes you?

Canterbury League Club’s Gem: The Atrium Bar Experience

Discover the epitome of sophistication at The Atrium Bar, nestled among an indoor rainforest, boasting panoramic views of Canterbury League Club’s iconic waterfall. This stylish enclave offers a serene backdrop for weekend rendezvous with friends, inviting you to unwind and indulge.

A Tranquil Escape
Elevate your evening at The Atrium Bar, where a seating pod amidst the indoor rainforest provides an enchanting vista of the Club and the mesmerizing waterfall. Immerse yourself in this picturesque setting, the ideal spot for conversations and drinks with friends.

Gastronomic Delights
Savor the moment with a diverse array of cocktails and delectable light snacks. The Atrium Bar curates a menu that complements the ambiance, ensuring an exquisite experience for discerning palates.

Opening Hours
Plan your weekend getaway:

Friday – Saturday: Open from 7 pm until late
Check out menu

The Ultimate Weekend Destination
Escape into a realm of sophistication and tranquility at The Atrium Bar. Experience the perfect blend of elegance, breathtaking views, and unparalleled service, making it a must-visit for those seeking a refined atmosphere in Belmore.

About us:

Canterbury League Club, situated in Belmore NSW, is one of Sydney’s leading hospitality destinations with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, three large function spaces, lounges and a 24-hour health club.

As part of the Canterbury group, Canterbury also operates two clubs nearby – The Lakemba Club and Moxon Sports Club. Our on-site gym, C-Life Health Club, is a fitness leader within our community and offers a wide range of group classes, cardio, and weight equipment.

Our Clubs currently employ over 400 employees who work together in different departments including Food & Beverage, Gaming, Functions, Security, IT, Reception, Maintenance, Marketing, Finance, C-Life, and Human Resources. Our shared goal – creating memorable experiences for our Members and visitors, but also importantly, being a great place to work!

Canterbury continually strives to be an employer of choice, creating a positive, diverse and friendly working environment for all staff. Why not consider a career in hospitality and see where that takes you?

Secure Your Wobbleland Tickets for an Epic Night of Sonic Adventure!

Welcome to the pulsating world of music festivals, where beats meet excitement, and the crowd becomes one with the rhythm. In this article, we’ll explore the vibrant universe of Wobbleland, a musical extravaganza brought to you by Tickets4Festivals.

What Sets Wobbleland Apart?
Wobbleland isn’t just another music festival; it’s an immersive experience that sets itself apart from the rest. With a diverse lineup and top-notch performances, Wobbleland promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of music and celebration.

Ease of Access with Wobbleland Tickets
Tickets4Festivals ensures a hassle-free experience with its user-friendly online ticket purchasing process. The mobile-friendly interface allows festival-goers to secure their spot with just a few taps, making the entire transaction process a breeze.

Exclusive Early Bird Offers
To add to the excitement, Wobbleland offers exclusive early bird offers. Securing your tickets early not only guarantees your spot but also comes with enticing discounts and perks, creating an extra layer of anticipation for the event.

Wobbleland Ticket Categories
Choosing between General Admission and VIP Tickets can significantly shape your festival experience. VIP ticket holders enjoy special inclusions, creating a more luxurious and exclusive atmosphere within the festival grounds.

Security Measures and Ticket Guarantees
Tickets4Festivals prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of its attendees. Stringent security measures are in place to prevent fraud, and a secure payment gateway ensures peace of mind. Additionally, the company provides clear policies on ticket refunds and cancellations.

Navigating the Wobbleland Venue
Understanding the layout of the festival grounds is crucial for maximizing your Wobbleland experience. A detailed map and information about facilities and amenities help attendees navigate the venue with ease, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable time.

What to Expect at Wobbleland
Dive into the eclectic world of musical genres featured at Wobbleland. From bass-heavy beats to melodic tunes, the festival caters to a wide range of musical tastes. Special attractions and activities further enhance the overall experience, making each moment memorable.

Fan Testimonials
Let’s hear from real attendees! Fan testimonials provide insight into the impact of Wobbleland on the festival community. Positive experiences and shared memories contribute to the vibrant energy that defines Wobbleland.

Ways to Enhance Your Wobbleland Experience
Preparing for Wobbleland goes beyond purchasing tickets. Discover festival fashion tips and the must-have items that can enhance your overall experience, ensuring you’re fully equipped for an unforgettable adventure. Grab the wobbleland Tickets now.

Behind the Scenes: Organizing Wobbleland
Ever wondered about the effort that goes into organizing a massive event like Wobbleland? Gain insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of event planning, showcasing the dedication and passion that make Wobbleland a success.

Global Reach of Wobbleland
Wobbleland isn’t confined to a single location—it’s a global phenomenon. Explore the international reach of the festival, attracting attendees from diverse backgrounds and contributing to the global music festival scene.

Sustainability Initiatives
Beyond the music, Wobbleland is committed to environmental responsibility. Learn about the festival’s sustainability initiatives, green practices, and partnerships that contribute to a more eco-friendly event.

As we wrap up our journey through the vibrant world of Wobbleland, we invite you to join the next edition of this extraordinary festival. From diverse musical experiences to behind-the-scenes insights, Wobbleland offers more than just a concert—it’s an adventure waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can I buy Wobbleland tickets at the venue?
While some tickets may be available at the venue, it’s highly recommended to purchase in advance to secure your spot and take advantage of early bird offers.

What should I wear to Wobbleland?
Festival fashion is all about expressing yourself. Comfortable yet stylish clothing, along with accessories like sunglasses and hats, can enhance your Wobbleland experience.

Are Wobbleland tickets refundable?
Tickets4Festivals has a clear refund policy. Check the terms and conditions before purchasing, and reach out to their customer service for any specific concerns.

How can I connect with other Wobbleland attendees before the event?
Engage with the Wobbleland community on social media using event hashtags. Online forums and groups are also great platforms to connect with fellow festival-goers.

Is Wobbleland family-friendly?
Wobbleland is primarily designed for adults, but the festival organizers may offer family-friendly activities. Check the event details and guidelines for more information.

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Each of the classes in Diablo 1 acquire their own acclimatized chic skill, such as the Warrior’s adeptness to adjustment equipment, the Rogue has the adeptness to Diablo 4 gold conciliate accessories on chests and doors. This goes to actualization her adeptness of accessories in the aloft attitude as her almsman class, the Assassin. The Rogue is additionally absolutely able as a ranged fighter, able to administer a bow with affluence and beforehand ambit from enemies who would contrarily army her. Admitting her ranged expertise, the Rogue can additionally excel in abutting activity utilizing acrimony and added affray weapons like the Warrior, which would explain how agnate she is to the Barbaric in Diablo 4.

The Rogue is allotment of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, a brotherhood animate in abstruseness that is awful able in archery and a accomplishment acclimatized as the Inner Sight. This Inner Afterimage gives the sisters the adeptness to activity about accessories and accretion an aerial battle in combat, lending to some of the Rogue’s capabilities in Diablo 4. The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye is the basal band in Act 1 of Diablo 2, breadth the amateur starts out. Andariel has besmirched both the Rogue from Diablo 1 and abounding of the group’s associates arch all the way up to the abbey breadth the brotherhood aforetime resided. It is up to the amateur to possibly defeat Diablo 1’s Rogue and booty aback the abbey from Andariel with abutment from the Sisterhood.

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Rogue’s Capabilities in Diablo 4
Fans acquire gotten a bastard blink at the Rogue’s capabilities in Diablo 4 through a 10-minute gameplay video that showcases some of her abilities, abounding that accessory acclimatized to Dexterity classes of the past. Aural the Rogue’s kit are three acclimatized specializations that chronicle to factions such as the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, the mercenaries of Kehjistan, and the smugglers of Hawezar. Diablo 4 will affection class-specific quests and it is with these chic quests that the Rogue can allay the potentials of commemoration of cheap Diablo IV gold these specializations. On top of this, aloof like the Barbaric and his Armory mechanic, the Rogue will automatically about-face weapons if a accomplishment that requires a acclimatized weapon is used.


ATLANTA, GA– Friday, December 8th, 2023 – Author John Ray joined the ranks of bestselling authors on Amazon with his New Book, The Generosity Mindset: A Journey to Business Success by Raising Your Confidence, Value, and Prices, which was pre-released Wednesday, December 6th, 2023, by – the nation’s #1 place to buy books.

In “The Generosity Mindset: A Journey to Business Success by Raising Your Confidence, Value, and Prices,” John Ray revolutionizes how professionals in diverse fields, from consulting to legal services, perceive and price their value. With expertise as a pricing consultant and podcast host, Ray’s book challenges traditional approaches, emphasizing personal experience and client relationships over technical skills. His Generosity Mindset Method empowers readers to understand their unique value as seen by their ideal clients, transforming their pricing strategies. This book is a must-read for service providers seeking to elevate their work and earnings by embracing a mindset that rewards both themselves and their clients. Discover the key to business success and get your copy of John Ray’s new book today.

Elite Online Publishing marketed, promoted, and reached #1 National Bestseller in ONE Category in the USA. Including the category Service Industry in the USA. The book also reached the TOP Five in Small Business Sales & Selling in the USA. He also achieved ONE #1 Hot New Release category in the USA.



If you are a professional services provider, your goal is to do transformative work for clients you love working with and get paid commensurate with the value you deliver to those clients. While negative mindsets can inhibit your growth, adopting a different mindset, the Generosity Mindset, can replace those self-limiting beliefs. The Generosity Mindset enables you to diagnose and communicate the value you deliver to clients and, in turn, more effectively price to receive a portion of that value.

Whether you’re a consultant, coach, marketing or branding professional, business advisor, attorney, CPA, or work in virtually any other professional services discipline, your content and technical expertise are not proprietary. What’s unique, though, is your experience and how you synthesize and deliver your knowledge. What’s special is your demeanor or the way you deal with your best-fit clients. What’s invaluable is how you deliver great value by guiding people through massive changes in their personal lives and in their businesses that bring them to a place they never thought possible.

The combination of all these elements is quite different for you compared to any other service provider in your industry. Therein lies your value, but it’s not the value you see. It’s the value your best-fit customers see in you.

If pricing your value feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you, this book will teach you why putting a price on the value your clients perceive and identify serves both them and you, and you’ll learn the factors involved in getting your price right.


After a three-decade career in investment management, investment banking, and strategic advisory, John Ray formed Ray Business Advisors, a business advisory practice, in 2013. John’s services include advising solopreneur and small professional services firms on their value, their positioning and business development, and their pricing. His clients are professionals who are selling their expertise, such as consultants, coaches, attorneys, CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers, marketing professionals, and other professional services practitioners.


In his other business, John is a show host and producer and owns the North Fulton (Georgia) studio of Business RadioX®. John and his team specialize in working with B2B professionals to create and conduct their own podcast using The Generosity Mindset Method: building and deepening relationships in a non-salesy way which translates into revenue for their business.

John is the host of North Fulton Business Radio and The Price and Value Journey. North Fulton Business Radio, the longest-running podcast in the North Fulton region of Georgia, features a wide range of business and community leaders. The Price and Value Journey is devoted to solo and small firm professional services providers and covers issues such as pricing, value, and business development. John has hosted and/or produced over 2,200 podcast episodes.

John and his wife, Dr. Monica Ray, a dedicated teacher with twenty-eight years in education, are grateful for their blended family of five children, five grandchildren, and five pets.

John is a deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

Follow John on LinkedIn.


This book was published by Elite Online Publishing, Authority In Every Word. Writing is just the beginning. It’s about ensuring your book helps you smartly grow your brand, business, and credibility. Founders Melanie Johnson and Jenn Foster built Elite Online Publishing with a singular purpose in mind: to empower you to deliver authority in every word you write. They, along with their team of experienced publishers, deliver a high-touch and high-impact experience for creating, publishing, and marketing bestselling books. In fact, they are passionate about more than telling great stories. They are adamant about proving the value of your perspective and expertise by ensuring you become a bestselling author. No matter where you are in the book writing process, Elite Online Publishing is your partner for creating, publishing and marketing your bestselling book. For more information, visit and tune into the Elite Expert Insider Podcast and the Elite Publishing Podcast.

A donation was made in John Ray’s name on behalf of Elite Online Publishing to sponsor a child at the Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation—the child will receive 6 books of their choice provided by the foundation. An additional donation was made to the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, providing an Imagination Library book to a child each month for 1 year!