No doubt, this was not Madden 24

No doubt, this was not the best option for the future. A better option is to not sign a QB in the 2022 Madden NFL 24 Draft, continue to go through the season with a shaky attitude and then enter the QB pool in 2023 when up to around seven to eight QBs might be taken in the first round. It wouldn’t have helped the initial goal of the coach Matt Rhule or owner David Tepper who are trying to convince people that they can put an elite team onto the playing field. The urgency in Carolina can be detected at a distance and that’s exactly the purpose of this move.

There’s still a chance although it’s only there’s a glimmer of hope that this big plan can work. This Mayfield can steer the ship in 2022 and grant Carolina its much-needed success immediately, all while proving McAdoo’s offense is able to work, and Corral is ready to take over. It’s a lot dominoes that must be thrown in the right direction however there is an opportunity here. We’ll see whether the Panthers will be the ones laughing, or if they continue to become the source of jokes.

There are a few Madden NFL 24 stadiums that are forever etched in your head. It is known that the Packers play at Lambeau Field, the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium — and in the subject of corporate names, I’m certain that every football fan will be able to inform instantly it is Gillette Stadium belongs to the Patriots, which is why Heinz Field is the home of the Steelers. That was true until Monday morning.

The Steelers stadium is set to get a new name because Heinz elected not to renew its naming rights within 20 years. We now know where the gold and black will play in the fall, but not what the hell this organization is up to. If you can tell me how Acrisure does without Googling and you’re lying, you’re lying. If you’re able tell me what Acrisure does after Googling it’s a lie. This is probably the most confusing firm on the world, and everybody is trying to figure out what they are doing.